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Early to mid-30’s. The fierce AND endearing powerhouse. 

Chantria is a determined woman on a mission. She’s got her shit together and is unapologetic about it. Doesn’t take prisoners, tells you as it is and expects the same back. And yet...she speaks from a grounded authentic sense of self with a bit of a smile and twinkle in her eyes. Strong, tough and NOT abrasive. Truth be told, when you open up her heart, she’s simply the little girl seeking connection and love. 


  • She would rock it as the straight-talking lawyer who annihilates you in the court room...who then grabs a beer with because she’s just that cool. 

  • She’s the Asian Tiger Mom that you actually want to hang out with. 

  • She’s also that coworker who pre-emptively strikes with putting up a wall but once you put a couple of martinis in her, she’s the best friend you want in your corner. 

Simply put, she’s someone you don’t want to mess with and sees through the bull. 

The bluntness of Sandra Oh in Grey’s Anatomy and ambition of Grace Park in Battlestar Galactica.

Chantria Tram in Three Women of Swatow - Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann (3).jpg


Written by Chloe Hung

Directed by Courtney Ch'ng Lancaster

When Mother accidentally kills her husband, three generations of women must come together to solve a bloody situation. This darkly comedic play takes a look at the legacy of abuse, the power of family, and how to prevent the resurrection of a headless chicken.

Missed the theatrical production? Check out the podcast on CBC's PlayME!​

PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3

Starring Carolyn Fe , Diana Luong  and Chantria Tram

Assistant Director – Karthy Chin

Set and Lighting Design – Jareth Li

Associate Lighting Design – Gavin McDonald

Costume Designer – Shannon Lea Doyle

Associate Costume Designer – Sim Suzer

Composition and Sound Designer – Deanna H. Choi

Associate Sound Designer – Olivia Wheeler

Stage Manager – Daniel Oulton

Apprentice Stage Manager – Kayla Thomas

Fight Director – Jennifer Dzialoszynski

Tai Chi Consultant – Guillermo Verdecchia

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